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‎”bombeiros, minha casa ta pegando fogo!” “fique calmo, como surgiu o fogo?” “na pré-história, eu não sei exatamente, mas POR FAVOR ME AJUDA”

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Game of Thrones House Banners by Oliver Ibáñez

You can’t choose the House you’re born into in life but whether it be a blessing or a curse is the choice that’s all yours. Unfortunately there are no House Brooks banners (“When You Stare Into The Abyss of the Internet, It Also Stares Back At You”), but Oliver has created these ornate designs for all the major Houses in Westoros, available for purchase at Redbubble so you and your Bannermen can proudly match before their chosen King (or Khaleesi).

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fuji under a sakura sky


fuji under a sakura sky